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About Us

Our History

We embarked on our journey in game development in the early 2010s, starting with porting Flash games to Unity for further adaptation to mobile devices. The majority of the ported games included puzzle genres like match-3, Zuma, platformers, clickers, and more.

We have extensive experience in developing such games and understand the considerable time and effort required for game development.

Now, we are excited to share our skills with other developers, helping them save time on their path towards realizing their dream games!

Our Goals

In our projects, our main focus on creating powerful tools, high-quality code, impressive graphics, and effects. To make the tools as user-friendly as possible for our customers, we have designed a unique and easy-to-use editor. It enables you to effortlessly develop and implement captivating level designs.

You can make your game stand out and leave a lasting impression on your players, providing them with an enjoyable gaming experience!

❤ We put our Skills and Heart into every product to help you bring your dream games to life ❤

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