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● Powerful tool for effortless and interesting game creation ● 

Our tool is perfect for those who always wanted to create their own bubble shooter match-3 game but lack programming skills or time. It's the most powerful Unity-based solution to turn your game dreams into reality.

Save hundreds of development hours. Create a game in days, not weeks. You bring creativity to level design, and we handle the rest!

Get started with 99 ready-made levels that you can modify or replace as you like.

Give it a try yourself

 Unique Features   

● Unique features not found in any other similar product on Unity 

We've created a complete product with numerous gaming features found in classic and top-selling games. With Bubble Shooter Game Toolkit, you can easily create hundreds, or even thousands, of levels with captivating designs. Customize graphics, backgrounds, and expand the game map effortlessly.


Our user-friendly editor and detailed documentation make it feel like playing in a bubble shooter game constructor.

General Features   

● Features that were implemented most effectively 

The full list of tool features:


 2 types of gameplay (Classic and Circle levels)

● Enable/disable ground holes and bouncing beetles

● Mini Game

● Timed Levels

● Largest number of game objects and collectible items

● Visual tutorials + Tutorial Editor

● Popup texts

● 99 Ready-made Levels

● Daily Rewards

● User-friendly Game Editor

● Various blocks,obstacles, collectable items and boosters

● Easy for the Re-skin

● Optimazed mobile devices

● Mobile, WebGL, and desktop compatible

● Unity Ads

● In-app purchases

● Visual and Sound effects

● Animated map

● Animated game character

● Coins Shop + Currency Setting Editor

● Many colorful and animated popups

● Random level generation

● Well commented code

● Detailed documentation

● Professional, complete, and well-documented C# source code


❤️ Thank you for choosing our Assets ❤️


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