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  • Where can I find an Invoice Number?
    Go to Your account (upper right icon) Order history Find your purchase Invoice Number. This is a long number consisting of 14 characters (2 letters and 12 numbers), for example IN01010102...5
  • Can I buy assets from you directly?
    Unfortunately no, we do not sell assets directly. To receive new updates, you need to buy them only in official store.
  • Are you available for contract work?
    Unfortunately, we are not available.
  • Is it true that working with your assets does not require the assistance of a programmer?
    If you lack programming skills but dream of creating your own dream game, our gaming tools are the perfect solution! Our projects are designed to help you create your game with minimal effort. With our user-friendly EDITOR, you can craft unique levels and seamlessly integrate them into the game map. Of course, if you wish to expand the functionality or add new gaming features, the assistance of a programmer may be required. However, it's possible that you won't need one, as our game tool provides a multitude of built-in gaming features. These are more than sufficient to create hundreds of interesting and unique level designs.
  • What platforms are your assets compatible with?
    Our assets are compatible with: Mobile platforms WebGL Desktop platforms Additionally, be aware of the platform restrictions of Unity In-App Purchases (IAP) and Unity Ads, as they may not work on certain platforms. For more information, please read to the official guides: Unity IAP guide Unity Ads guide
  • I have been waiting for a response from the support team for over 24-48 hours. What should I do?
    Please ensure that you have entered your email address correctly. It's possible that we received your request but responded to the wrong email address. There might have been a technical issue, causing us not to receive your email. Don't be discouraged and feel free to send us another email. We assure you that we will respond. If you contacted support over the weekend, please note that our support is available only on weekdays. We strive to respond within 24-48 hours of receiving your request, but only on business days. Try contacting us directly by email: If you followed all the steps correctly but still didn't receive a response, please leave a message using the product review form. However, please note that this form is for providing product feedback, not for support. Consider using this option as a last resort. Regardless of the situation, please know that we value and respect our customers. If you haven't received support yet, it may be due to unforeseen circumstances. Rest assured, we will find a way to assist you!
  • How to open the project?
    Open Unity Hub Create "New 2D Project". Don't forget to give it a name. Go to Window Package Manager Switch to --> Project: My Asset Choose the Asset Press Download Press Import And Import again Congratulations! You have downloaded and installed the project. Nice work ^^
  • Where can I find documentation?
    Wiki (documentations)
  • Can you provide me the original PSD files after purchase?
    Unfortunately, we do not provide PSD source files.
  • How easy for me to make any changes to the project?
    It is difficult for us to answer this question. It all depends on your skills. Generally if you are asking this question it means that you are not sure how to complete the task, so I would say that it might be "not as easy as you would like". Try to break the problem down into smaller pieces and explore possible solutions. You can also refer to the documentation to see if the engine provides any specific solutions for your needs.
  • If I have any questions regarding the customization of the project, is it possible to seek your assistance?
    First and foremost, please familiarize yourself with the Wiki. It contains comprehensive documentation to ensure you have all the necessary information. Make sure to review all available resources attentively. If you encounter any difficulties, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We will be delighted to provide the assistance you need! Please note that we do not take responsibility for the engine's functionality after modifications have been made to the source code. If you feel you are unable to handle it independently, hiring a programmer may be the best solution.
  • Are you planning to add connection to Facebook or other social plugins to your projects?
    No, we don't plan to do that. If you are unable to do it yourself, we recommend hiring a programmer.
  • Can I use the arts and level design as-is for my game's publication?
    Yes, you can. However, we recommend making certain changes to avoid issues with Google Play and the App Store. There is no guarantee that you will be the only one using this arts, levels and etc.
  • After the purchase, is it possible to hire you to customize the project according to my specific requirements?
    Unfortunatly, no.
  • Is it possible to redistribute/resell your Assets in any way?
    No, our assets cannot be redistributed or resold in any form. Even after making any changes. They are licensed under the Asset Store EULA, which restricts their usage to the development of your own final games. Please refrain from supporting piracy or unauthorized reselling, as it undermines the efforts of small studios creating original content.
  • What fonts do you use in your projects?
    We always use only one font with a free license for commercial use - Fredoka One Regular. You can download this font and license here.
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